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Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

"We get more out of your rugs!"

Key Benefits

bulletRemoving allergens, dust, and anything else that could be effecting your health. 
bulletKeep your investment, heirloom, or any tapestry  looking fabulous by removing the soil that damages the fiber!  
bulletThe feeling you receive when you know something is clean!


Haynes' cleaning facility and experienced certified rug cleaning technicians provide the absolute best environment for a thorough cleaning of your fine rugs. Oriental rugs should be cleaned in a safe environment where they can be properly rinsed and dried.  Our cleaning methods will not damage your fiber or the construction of your oriental/area rug.  Other cleaning methods, such as hosing the rug off in your driveway or cleaning the rug with hot water and high pressure have been proven to damage the fiber and construction of natural fiber area rugs.  



Identifying the rug's pile fiber and construction of the rug determines the correct cleaning procedure.  Our equipment allows us to identify any special areas that may need extra attention to efficiently  remove the source of any undesired odors.   

The process in which we clean is as follows:

1.  Dusting


Most of the dry soil is removed by our machine (Rugbadger) which beats the back of the rug to loosen the soils deep in the pile. This extremely important process usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the degree of soiling.  

2. Once the Badger has loosened the dry soil, we will then vacuum the front and back of the rug several times until the rug has been approved to continue the cleaning process. 

3. The rug is then tested for potential dye bleed problems that could occur in the cleaning process. This is when we (oriental rug cleaning experts) get to show off our skills! Identifying the type of rug and knowing the construction, allows us to determine which cleaning method to use for your rug. 

4. After testing for potential dye bleeding, we will begin to pretreat your rug with a neutral (pH of 7) cleaner, and then shampoo the rug with our brushes. Machine agitation is usually the best way to clean, however for most delicate rugs we will hand shampoo the rug. 

5. After cleaning, the rug is rinsed by submerging the rug in a wash pool, where the age-old soil and cleaning detergents are removed. 

  Wash Pool

6. The rug is then hung to dry in our controlled dry room with dehumidifiers, heat, and air circulation. The rug is usually dry overnight.  

7.  Fringe Cleaning


After the rug is completely dried, we will then begin detailing the fringes. After the fringes have dried, we will then proceed to detail the rug pile with an air tool removing any stubborn debris still clinging to the rug.

8. The rug is then re-inspected, groomed, and deodorized.

9. After passing the final inspection, the rug is wrapped for delivery. Note: We wrap the rug in Kraft paper the day of delivery. 



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